Image placeholder service

Image Generator Image/40

How does it work?

Enter your desired image dimensions after our URL and you'll get a placeholder image.

Can I customise an image?

You can specify the images background colour, text colour, text and font size.

Setting the background colour

Setting the background colour and the text colour

Setting the background colour, text colour and text placeholder

Setting the background colour, text colour, and font size font size/18

What settings can I override via query strings?

In short all of them! Sometimes it's easier to specify what you need rather than remember the structure of the rewrite URL.

Image Size (width x height): size=400x200

Text Colour: text-colour=cbcbcb

Customised text: text=Hello world

Font Size (pixels): font-size=28

Colour short codes

Colours are padded out to 6 characters using the last character:

0 > 000000
FF10 > FF1000

Things to note:

  • The image width and height must be 1px - 30000px
  • The text color is optional and defaults to gray (#cbcbcb)
  • The background color is optional and defaults to dark gray (#959595)
  • The text is optional the image dimensions is used by default
  • The website URL serving the image is tracked. Not for evil, just so I can see if dummyimage is being used!

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